1. Domestic leveling machine industry has obvious advantages in development and unique conditions.
      Domestic leveling machine industry has obvious advantages in development and unique conditions.
      News Source:正誠機械   2014-03-13 09:57:19

      In recent three years, the market share of domestic CNC machine tools is 28%, 27% and 30%, respectively. About 70% of CNC machine tools still need to be imported. The development of machine tool industry has become the strategic demand of the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, and the trend of domestic equipment replacing imports. Many industries with good development prospects and increasing industry concentration will be re-recognized, such as the P/E ratio of leading companies in heavy ship engine, mining vehicle and CNC machine tool industry can be raised from 15 times to 18 times, or even higher.


      Leveling machine industry is an industry with international comparative competitive advantage in China. The potential leading companies invested in it will get considerable returns in the future. Many products of industry have the characteristics of capital, technology, technology and labor intensive, and need a certain industrial basis to cooperate with each other. China's current development stage has advantages in these aspects, and the conditions are unique. This is also the reason why foreign giants have invested and set up joint ventures in China.


      In the leveling machine, there are upper pressing die and lower pressing die, in which the upper pressing die is fixed on the push rod connected to the hydraulic cylinder. On the support frame, the cylinder block of the hydraulic cylinder is fixed. The cooling water circuit is set in both the upper and lower pressing dies. The outlet and entrance of the cooling water channel can be on the top of the upper pressing die or on the top of the lower pressing die.


      The leveler extends from the entrance of the leveler to the inside. In the first five rollers, the ratio between their radius and center distance is the same as that of the traditional leveler. The ratio of the radius to the center distance of the last five rolls is very close to that of the coil eliminator. The center distance of the intermediate roll is increased, which is a very good advantage, because it can carry out rapid quenching cooling while avoiding the erosion of impurities on the tool. This can effectively ensure the quality of the tool, so that it has a certain guarantee on the surface and structure. The pollution caused by cooling oil can also be effectively avoided.


      The production capacity of the main products of this industry in China is basically in a state of surplus, and the phenomenon of low-price and low-end competition of products is quite common. It is predicted that the future leveling industry pattern will not be the current situation of group domination, and eventually several integrated aircraft carrier giants will be formed, which will be able to compete with international giants in scale, technical level and strength.


      In the next few years, the industry will usher in a new round of growth opportunities. According to Guotai Junan's analysis, the two major problems of transportation and resources, which have been restricting China's economic development, will become the dominant direction of investment. These two aspects of investment mainly involve infrastructure construction in railway, highway, urban rail transit, airport, port, water conservancy, power grid, and the development of coal, iron, non-ferrous metals and other minerals, which will stimulate its demand. Larger.