1. Company

      Wuxi is the city of Cheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Taihu Sea Foreign High-Tech Development Zone, Wuxi near the airport, geography, transportation is very convenient. I specializes in all types of metallurgical machinery and equipment, Cold forming units, slitting unit, the unit-Jiao, product quality has reached the international level, strong technical force, advanced production technology, product higher starting point. Equipment all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, North America, Jordan, Russia and other countries.


      The Company is currently on the market for products that complicate the structure diversification, high product requirements, the user can request the design and manufacture of special types of units. I cold-formed steel companies in China's Association. China Road Road Machinery Branch of the Association members.


      Company adhere to the quality of the first, the credibility of the first to serve the purpose of the first to welcome a good price and new ideas on how to improve customer calls come to inspect the order to discuss mutual benefits of development plans.


      Main products:
      One. 31085 crashproof steel interior paneling cold bending forming machine set;
      Two. Highway steel interior paneling repairing and correcting machine set
      Three. GY 180 Type cold bending steel equipment
      Four. GY250, 280, 300 and 350 type cold bending steel machine set
      Five. Automatic follow flying saw
      Six. High speed disc decoiling-slitting-rolling production line
      Seven. High speed decoiling-Leveling-shearing-stacking production line
      Eight. Rotary shears
      Nine. Middle-plate Leveling machine set
      Ten. Other machineries
      Eleven. Schematic diagram of steel plate pickling machine